Google Workspace Promo Code 2021

Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 For 10% Discount

Apply Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 and get a 10% flat discount for the first 12 months.

Pretty nice, right?

[Applicable for Business Starter Plan, Business Standard Plan, Business Plus Plan]

Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 For Americas RegionGet Your Google Workspace Promo Code 2021

With the G Suite Promo Code, you can save $10-$20 for the first twelve months.

But do you know how to get a Google Workspace promo code?

Find out below.

Get Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 For 10% FLAT Discount:

[Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 for July 2021]

Use Google Workspace referral code URL & get G Suite account free for 14 days.

[Note: Google Workspace is a trademark of the Google company. We only promote Google Workspace coupon code. We are not representing Google, Google Workspace, or Promo. We intend to increase Google products’ awareness through google apps referral program.]

Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 is applicable for below countries only:

US, India, UK, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, German, UAE, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, etc.

Statistics of new Google Workspace users using Google’s Promotional Code:

Month New Users
October 2020 >200
November 2020 >200
December 2020 >200
January 2021 >200
February 2021 >200
March 2021 >200
April 2021 >200
May 2021 >200
June 2021 >200

Note: Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 Retailmenot & Wix Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 are not the only ones who provide google apps promo code.

How to Apply Google Workspace Promo Code 2021?

Google Workplace Promo Code

If you already got a hand on promotion code, then follow the below procedure to apply it.

When you are setting up your billing account, visit the Admin home page.

  1. Click on the Promotion code tab.
  2. Select G Suite Basic or G Suite Business Plan.
  3. Select your country and apply the promotion code.
  4. Click on Continue to see a summary of the plan.
  5. Finish your billing procedure.

Note: Do not worry if you are not able to see the discounted price. The promotion will be applicable later in the coming months.

Where Can I Find a discounted Amount after applying Promo Code?

Now your billing set up has been completed and paid service starts, you can see the next billing amount with a discount price.

How to switch the right Google Workspace Billing Plan?

Seldom, users could pick the wrong billing plan while setting up their plan for my Google service. So how to revert those changes?

No need to worry. Just follow the below steps:

  1. If the user chose a wrong billing plan during setup, you can go back and select the right one. Or restart the billing.
  2. After setup completed, users cannot directly change their billing plans. It depends on their selected billing plan.

Change from Flexible to Annual:

Users cannot change their plan from Flexible to Annual. However, they can contact the Google Cloud partner to make this happen.

Change from Annual to Flexible Plan:

If you want to cancel your Annual plan, you need to do it before its renewal date. Still, users need to pay their closeout fee. 


  • Remember, you can use Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 only during your first payment.
  • It offers just for the 1st time registration, and you will not be able to redeem later.
  • You will get a flat 10% discount per user only for one year.
  • Google Workspace pricing values change from Country to Country, and also, it would vary from Basic plan to Business one.
  • If you did not receive Google Workspace Promo Code 2021, make sure to check the spam folder for several coupons.
  • Alternatively, you could try a 14 days trial period instead.

Please comments in the below section if you find any trouble during the billing procedure.


Note: All Prices updated according to the new Financial Year 2019-2020.

Country Discount (%) Price before Discount Price after Discount
United States 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
United Kingdom 20 £55.20 per user/yr £44.16 per user/yr
Australia 20 $100.80 per user/yr $80.64 per user/yr
Belgium 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Brazil 20 R$ 324 per user/yr R$259.2 per user/yr
Canada 20 $93.60 per user/yr $74.88 per user/yr
Chile 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
Colombia 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
France 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Germany 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Hong Kong 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
India 20 INR 2520 per yr INR 2016 per yr
Ireland 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Italy 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Japan 20 ¥8,160 per user/yr ¥6528 per user/yr
Mexico 20 MX$ 1404 per user/yr MX$ 1123.2 per user/yr
Netherlands 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
New Zealand 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
Portugal 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Singapore 20 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
Spain 20 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr

Alternately find this article in Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 Reddit post.

How To Verify Your Domain?

While you are of creating the G Suite account, one step asks for “Domain Verification.”

Why need to verify a domain for G Suite?

Its because no one can use your domain without your permission.

So check out below steps for Verifying your domain in easy steps:

1. Get your verification record
2. Go to your domain’s DNS records
3. Add the verification record to your domain host
4. Complete domain verification

After verifying your domain with an account, you can now set up Gmail with G Suite.

Renew Your Expired Google Workspace Domain

Forget to renew your G Suite account?

No need to worry.

Follow below a few easy steps to make your account active.

  1. Log in to your Google Admin console.
  2. Click on the Billing option.
  3. Can you see Domain Registration subscription, next to it, click on down arrow.
  4. Extend options and check whether you had selected an auto-renew option. If not, turn on autorenewals.
  5. Now go back to Domain Registration subscription and visit Actions>>>Access billing account.
  6. You will this button, How you pay. Click on that and go to Manage payment methods.
  7. Verify whether you have a valid payment method.
  8. Done

What next?

You had done your job already when you applied Google Workspace Promo Code 2021.

Now its company’s turn to automatically renew your Google Workspace account once you update your payment method as well as turning on autorenewal.

Which Plan is better?

Google Workspace Starter Plan or Business Plan?

What are you using Google Workspace mainly?

You can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, and many more for both plans.

But which is great?

G Suite Basic and Business plan provides almost the same services. But why later plan is best.

Find out why.

  1. Unlimited Storage Space
  2. Improved Team Collaboration
  3. Enhanced Data Security
  4. Cost Savings
  5. Easier Communication
  6. Availability
  7. Google Vault
  8. Google Hangouts

How to Cancel Google Workspace Subscription?

  1. Sign-in into Google Admin console to start the cancelation of G Suite Subscription.
  2. Go to Billing.
  3. There you will find the Subscription option, under which you can see G Suite subscription.
  4. Click on option Cancel subscription under button Action.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Afterward, you need to select one choice. Either you will be canceling G Suite out of multiple subscriptions or only having G Suite subscriptions and wish to cancel it.
  7. Check the BOX that you agreed to terms and conditions to cancel your account.
  8. Finally, click on Delete this account button to remove your G Suite Subscription.


To complete the billing process, users must follow the correct procedure to create a G Suite account.

If you have any questions, please go through below Q&A list:

1. Not able to finish the billing setup. I am stuck here.

Answer: In this, you need to start over once again. Please restart your billing setup — login in your Google Admin Console using ‘[email protected]’ administration account.

2. Not able to pick the preferred payment options.

Answer: If you are setting up your very first subscription to your Google billing account, Click the Back button, and select the correct country without fail.

3. Is it OK to choose another country than a native one? Would it be any problem in the future?

Answer: If by mistakenly you selected Indian currency as Rupees, then you can switch into the US dollar.

4. How to check whether discounted applied or not after using Google Workspace Promo Code 2021?

Answer: After completing the billing setup using a promotional code, your paid service begins.

Go to the transaction from the billing account. There you can see the discounted amount which was already applied.

5. What is the fundamental difference between Flexible and Annual Plan?

Answer: In the Flexible Plan, you can add/delete users at any time you want. For this plan, you pay for the service used during the current month. Hence, you billed monthly.

In the case Annual Plan, the G Suite package is for a whole year.

You can add users to this plan, but cannot delete them during the promotional running year.

Hence, it’s better to use G Suite Flexible Plan Promo Code.

6. I don’t see a coupon code for my country on the listed menu.

Answer: G Suite service using Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 is currently available for selected countries only mentioned above. For others, you will not get any discount.

7. Why Google rejected my bank detailed even after submitting the correct information?

Answer: Please make sure that you entered the correct information. Still, if you are facing this issue, please approach your bank immediately.

8. I am from the country of India. Am I the only Indian user-facing credit or debit card payment issue?

Answer: According to sources from the G Suite Community, due to issues with 3D Secure verification service, the debit card is not acceptable for payment. Also, individual credit cards not applicable right now.

Hence the best solution is to try another method like Net Banking or another credit card.

9. If I use G Suite 14 days trial period, still I am an application for Google Workspace Promo Code 2021?

Answer: Yes! After 14 days free period, you can set up your billing part and enter the G Suite business promo code without any issue.

10. What is the crucial difference between G Suite Basic Plan & Business plan? Is g suite basic promo code 2020 applicable for both programs?

Answer: If you have a small scale organization, go with the first basic plan and use G Suite basic promo code.

In the Basic plan, you will get professional email, Google meeting, online document sharing, edition, unlimited cloud storage, etc.

Please note that this plan will cost you 5 USD per user per month.

Hence, it’s always good to apply g suite basic promotion code to receive a 10% discount.

In the Business Plan, you will get great deals. You will get abilities like Drive administration, auditing, and users’ report, etc.

11. What needs to be done for the error, “The promotion code you entered has already used before.”

Answer: Please get another promotion code from the provided form.

12. Is Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 applicable for Enterprise Plan?

Answer: No. Promotion code is applicable for only Basic & Business plans except for countries like India, Mexico, Brazil.

13: Is there any discount offer for the G Suite Enterprise plan?

Answer: No.

You have to buy the whole package for the full price. Only G Suite Basic & Business plan offers a 10% discount using Google Workspace Promo Code 2021.

14. How much would G Suite Enterprise cost?

Answer: Enterprise will cost you $25 per user per month. Sorry, but there is no discount on this plan.

15. I am getting this error, “The promotion code you entered is not valid for the selected product.” while applying the code. How to solve this?

Answer: You must have selected the wrong g Suite plan. If you applied Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 for a Business plan and wanted a Basic plan, then this error will occur.

Note: Charges for this plan will be $12 per user per month.

16: Can I use the Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 for renewal?

Answer: If you are creating a new G Suite account with a unique email ID, then Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 will work.

However, there is no promotion box feature for renewing. Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 is available for new and fresh users only.

17: How to resolve this error, “The promotion code you entered is not valid for a selected product.”

Answer: If you select other G Suite plans and applying the promotion code, you will see this message. Click back and choose your program correctly.

18: I am from country England. So why there are no offers for G Suite plans?

Answer: Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 applicable to mentioned 21 countries only.

Right now, Google plans to focus on countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, India, Brazil, the UK, Australia, etc. In the future, Google.

19: I consistently getting this message, “This promo code is not valid for selected currency”?

Answer: If you selected a different country, then you will see this message. Please ensure to choose the correct state and apply the respective promotion code.

20. Could I switch to a different program?

Answer: Yes, you can. A user has the right to move from Annual to Flexible. But the following conditions need to be met:

  1. While you are on 14 days trial period &
  2. When it’s about time to renew your subscription.

But if you are using g suite flexible plan and want to change into Annual, conditions are different.

Because the Annual policy is not available in a few countries; hence if it is possible, you can switch during your trial time.

21. I used Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 and preferred a flexible plan. How to change billing plans?

Answer: In this case, the user cannot change from flexible to annual plan if you purchase G Suite Business online. Also, if you opted to this plan from a personal Gmail account, you can’t switch.

22. G Suite’s (Google Apps for Work) free 14 days trial period is about to end. When my first automatic transaction will start?

Answer: If your free trial started in July. Your paid subscription will begins in August. Google charges at the opening of the month mean at the beginning of September. Unless you cancel your subscription, you will charge in each month.

23. I am not able to sign up for the G Suite account. What is the issue?

Answer: If you are trying to login to using your person Gmail ID, you might face this error,

“ is for G Suite accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to”

Hence click on Admin Console and log in your admin address that doesn’t end with “”

24: In how much time would I get a Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 after registering through a mentioned form?

Answer: You would get a promotion code after entering the correct mail ID and your business domain name.

25: Is there any G Suite Business Promotion Code available?

Answer: Yes! Definitely.

26: What is the validity of the promotion code?

Answer: Even though we mentioned the validity of the Google Workspace Promo Code 2021, it valid for the next four to five months as they may expire afterward.

27: How many users can I add under one domain name?

Answer: You can add multiple users under one single domain name. But note that you will charge an extra amount for active users only. Hence set up a billing account using a coupon, sign in into Google Domains, and add maximum users.

28: For how many days do I need to pay for my G Suite account?

Answer: You can pay for even one single day or two years also.

29. Where can I find a discounted amount after applying Google Workspace Promo Code 2021

Answer: If your billing set up has been completed and paid service starts, you can see the next billing amount with a discount price.


Find out a step to create a G Suite account using a promotional discount.

Add the total number of employees from your organization.

Fill up information and register your domain name to create a new G Suite account.

[Note: It’s better to use free trial unless you are sure of purchasing it]

When you select “Basic or Business” option to open a new start signup process, you will see below steps that you need to perform carefully:

STEP 1: Let’s get started-

Type your business name. For example, in our case, “Promo Slip.”

Select the total number of employees you want to add. If more than 250 employees are working for your organization, then go with 300+ options.

Lastly, select your country and click Next.

STEP 2: What’s your contact info?

On the next page, fill your first name, last name, and your existing Gmail address that ends with “[email protected]

Click Next.

STEP 3: Does your company have a domain?

If you already have a business domain, then select “YES, I HAVE ONE I CAN USE” option.

STEP 4: What’s your business’s domain name?

Enter your correct domain name. For example, “”

Click Next

STEP 5: Use this domain to set up the account?

Click Next.

STEP 6: How you’ll sign in

Type username. For example, “admin.”

Note: Your email address will be “[email protected].”

Choose a strong password that combines Capital case, small case, one number, and one special character.

Lastly, click on “AGREE AND CREATE ACCOUNT.”

Note: If creating an account using Google Workspace Promo Code 2021, better to go for an Annual plan.

2. You will get a coupon from the above respective countries after filling your details (like domain name and email ID). After getting it, you can log in to the ‘G Suite Admin Panel.‘

3. Please go to ‘Billing Setup’ where you can start your billing plans and apply the requested gsuite promotional code.

4. After that, select your ‘Country and its Currency‘ properly; otherwise, the Google Workspace Promo Code 2021 will be invalid.

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