G Suite Promotion Code & Get 20% OFF For First 12 Months

    g suite promotion code for 20% discount


    Hello Guys! Use G Suite Promotion Code and avail the fantastic discount for the first twelve months.

    G Suite users will get 20% Flat discount.

    Quick Coupon For US/CA: Get Coupon Here

    In this article, we have provided G Suite Promotion Code for each country to save approximately $20 for the first year.

    If you are from different countries, need not to worry.

    Because G Suite Promotion Code is available for below-listed countries:

    US, UK, UAE, Australia, India, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Argentina, Peru, India, etc.

    How to Save 20% money using G Suite Promotion Code:

    Follows below instructions correctly to activate your G Suite account and apply corresponding promotion coupon.

    Visit below links and get G Suite Promo Code For 20% Discount:

    In the above Google form, you need to submit your email id as well as a correct domain name for respective G Suite Promotion Code.

    Note: We are not using your personal information for our benefits. Usually, we need to provide your details to G Suite teams.

    Alternatively, you can try G Suite product for free for the first 14 days.


    [It’s better to utilize trial unless you are sure of purchasing it]

    2. After getting G Suite Promotion Code, you need to login to G suite admin panel.

    3. Afterward, click on the Billing option to set up your preferable billing plan.

    4. Select your appropriate ‘Country and its Currency.’

    5. After selecting country and currency, you need to select in between two plans.

    6. Assume that you have select Flexible Plan, for example, you will see the ‘Promotion Code’ tab.

    7. After applying the respective G Suite Promotion code, you will find this type of message,

    “20% off each month for 12 month(s) if the minimum monthly bill is $1.00.”

    8. Click on Continue, and G Suite promotion code successfully will be used.

    • Note: To get a 20% discount; please make sure you are entering G Suite Promotion Code India while setting up the billing account. You can’t come to it later.

    9. Please note that G Suite users will not find discounted amount.

    Don’t worry.

    10. Please follow the next instruction to ensure your promotional discount.

    You order summary don’t show you reduced amount as per Google’s policy. However, it does allow to see you that G Suite Promotion code has applied and a short note after filling up tax information section.

    11. After clicking on Continue, you will need to fill up the contact billing and tax information section.

    12. Complete billing plan and if found any troubles while setting up an account, follow the Q&A section below or directly contact us through the comment box.

    Next what???

    Enjoy your service for the next 12 months.

    Alternately you can find this post about ‘G Suite Promotion code’ on Reddit.

    Look at the image below, which shows G Suite pricing plans:

    g suite price india


    Choose the above methods wisely. I must suggest you for the annual program that will charge less than the flexible plan.

    Know more about the Flexible Plan vs. Annual Plan:

    g suite promotion code all plans pricing


    g suite basic plan pricing


    g suite business pricing



    • Remember you can use G Suite Promotion Code only during your first payment.
    • It offers just for the 1st time registration, and you will not be able to redeem later.
    • You will get flat 20% discount per user only for one year.
    • G Suite pricing values change from Country to Country, and also it would vary from Basic plan to Business one.
    • Please make sure to check your spam folder for several coupons.
    • If you didn’t get any coupon within a 1 hour, you could try 14 days trial period instead.

    Please comments in the below section if you find any trouble during processing. I will try to contact you within an hour or mostly within a day and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

    Country-wise Discount after applying G Suite Promotion Code:

    Country Discount (%) Price before Discount Price after Discount
    INDIA 20 2520 per user/yr ₹2016 per user/yr
    Deutschland 20  €62.40 per user/yr €49 per user/yr


    Sometimes many of the users don’t follow the above-written procedure to complete the payment process. Therefore, they stuck with billing issues.

    So, no problem. That’s why I am here.

    Fix your problem instantly by reading our questions and answers section.

    If you have any queries to ask, use below comment section.

    1. Something wrong while completing billing setup. Is there any issue or it is just me?

    Answer: You need to go again to restart billing setup.

    Sign in to your Google Admin Console and sign in using your ‘xxx@company.com‘ administration account.

    2. I am unable to select the proper payment options I want. Why?

    Answer: Then there is only one solution you need to follow.

    If you are setting up the 1st subscription to your Google billing account, click Back in the setup window and select the right country correctly.

    3. I have chosen another currency while setting up the billing currency. What should I do?

    Answer: If by mistake you have selected Indian currency as Rupees, then you can switch to US dollar.

    Click Back option and select the correct currency.

    4. I want to see my discount. Where is it?

    Answer: After completing the order, your paid service begins.

    Go to transaction from billing account and there you can see the discount amount which was applied using G Suite coupon.

    5. Still, I don’t understand the basic difference between Flexible and Annual Plan. Can you please once again explain it?

    Answer: Why not.

    In the Flexible Plan, you can add/delete users at any time you want.

    But in this plan, you have to pay only for the service which you are using now. Hence, you need to pay it monthly.

    In Annual Plan, you are with G Suite family for a whole year, and that’s why you are getting the discount rate.

    You can add users to this plan also, but can not delete them during that one year.

    6. What if I don’t see any other country in the drop list menu?

    Answer: Well you need to cancel your current account and need to open a new one to use the new address

    7. What if my Google rejects my bank detailed while failing out the information?

    Answer: There is only one solution to this. Make sure to enter correct details. If necessary, contact your bank immediately.

    8. I am the only Indian who is facing debit or credit card issues?

    Answer: No my friend. Right now due to the issue with the 3D secure verification service, Google can’t accept Indian Debit cards. In some situation, Google also denied specific credit cards. Hence the best possible way is to try another credit card.

    9. Is G Suite 14 days trial period safe? Means do I have to enter bank details early during my free trial?

    Answer: Yes! But need not to worry. You will not charge any money until your 14 days trial periods is over.

    So if you want, you can cancel your subscription right now.

    10. I am still confused between G Suite Basic and Business plan. Care to explain it?

    Answer: If you are new, go with the first one:

    In G Suite Basic plan, you can use pro emails, able to makes meeting using calendars, online document sharing, edition, and storage.

    That’s not enough! You can also do a video meeting. But remember, G Suite Basic costs 5 USD per user per month.

    Hence, it’s better to use G Suite Promotion code to avail 20% discount.

    In G Suite Business Plan, you will get unlimited storage.

    You can even allow everyone in your organization to use Google vault.

    This plan comes with Drive administration, auditing and user can report some of the issues in the features.

    Note that this plan will cost you 10 USA per user per month.

    11. Can I switch my billing plans later?

    Answer: Yes! You have the privilege to shift from Annual to Flexible. But only during this below situation.

    • While you are on 14 days trial period and
    • when it’s about time to renew your subscription

    But things are different if you are using Flexible plan and want to turn into Annual.

    Ás the Annual plan is not available in some of the countries. Hence if it is possible, you can switch during your trial time and after expiring first free 14 days.

    12. Ok! My free 14 days trial period is about to end. When my first automatic transaction will occur?

    Answer: Let’s say you have done with a free trial in March. After that, your paid subscription will starts in April.

    Google will start debiting at the opening of the month means at the beginning of April.

    Unless you cancel your subscription, you will charge automatically in each month.


    Question: When will I get a G Suite promo code after registering through a respective form?

    Answer: You will get promo code within minutes if you enter correct mail ID along with your business domain name.

    Question: Will I get Business promo code through this form too?

    Answer: Yes! Definitely.

    Question: What is the validity of promotion code If I get more than two codes?

    Answer: Even though we have written on the top of this post, sometimes G Suite promo code would be useful for the next four months.

    Ok! I clearly realize the whole Basic and Business plans. But what about its security?

    You can get detail information about how Google provides security for G Suite service.


    This feature will allow user to monitor records of every employee’s access actions. G Suite’s security can detect suspicious login attempt in no time.

    That will enhance emails security level to a new height.

    G Suite administrator can even secure sensitive data within Gmail and Drive. There is data loss prevention (DLP) policy which helps the user to find out which email is responsible for leakage. Meaning in the future it will prevent sensitive data loss.

    Traditional Gmail can detect spam emails accurately and that we are aware of it. But in G Suite, they have increased their accuracy to identify spam emails to 99.9%.

    What is received attachment contain malware or virus? To avoid it, Google always scans every email attachment to remove viruses/malware.


    When you are working in an organization, there must be transparency in work. Hence, G Suite provides one more feature that will enable the users to trust their customers.

    Meaning no one can view your data. To prevent this, Google does not allow the third party to read your data. Even Google never advertise ads in G Suite.

    More importantly, when there is maintenance downtime, G Suite always accessible to such periods also. In this situation, any service could have temporary down, but G Suite’s apps still available to users.


    Google had made an incredible move when they introduced a secret way of hacking G Suite’s users’ account.

    To prevent phishing attacks, Google creates small USB stick devices which are made by YubiKey. It works similar to the two-factor authentication (2FA) methods.

    The earlier user needs more than just a username and password. Google will send you a secret code to your register mobile number by SMS.

    It seems to be a very long time-consuming process. Therefore to save users’ precious time, Google introduces a physical key which can be inserted into the system while login and need to press a button.

    Source: Popular Mechanics


    On 1st August, Google announced new G Suite features for admin accounts. When attackers are intended to hack your G Suite account, the company will suspect this that can alert G Suite administrators.

    You may think Google is already giving this service to users since 2012, but this new feature will alert users that being targeted by the government-backed attack.

    According to the company, one email will trigger when they suspect government-backed attacker is trying to access users account and more importantly this feature needs to turn on.

    You can turn on this feature by following the below steps:

    Admin Console > Reports > Manage Alerts > Government-backed attack



    Investing tool is an integrating feature that can detect which user is responsible for the leakage of sensitive data. Meaning if anyone sharing data externally, G Suite Admin can remove their access t Drive data.

    This tool also helps Admin to review every users’ data for security point of view. Investing tool is available for G Suite Enterprise users only.



    We as a G Suite user already aware of three default options to secure our valuable data. You can check out the following options which you may know about

    1.  Only file creator can view their G Suite files.
    2. The user can set 2 steps verification for security compromise
    3. Authorize Team Drive can share and see data externally

    But every organization have their mindset and define rules. But did you know how these above setting may affect your privacy and security?

    Check out below three primary security setting which you need to adjust according to your organization

    1. Should you set the environment as Privacy or Public?

    By default, data will be private as only that person will see it who has created it. However, G Suite administrator can choose to change the privacy mode to a public one. To set this setting, please follow the below steps:

    Admin console > Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Sharing settings > Link Sharing Defaults. After that choose ON/OFF.

    2. Is 2 Step verification required?

    2-Step verification is the most important feature that most of the G Suite administrators need to enable regarding security point of view. First of all, the user will require to fill his username and password; then as second step verification, Google will send you OTP for approving access through SMS.

    3. Is G Suite files on Team Drive external or internal?

    Just like Google drive, in Team Drive, every added member can access data. Without having membership in Team Drive, you will lose the authority to access it. Hence it’s up to Administration that will cause no issue to the organization’s data. Follow the below steps to change Team Drive settings.

    Admin console > Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Manage Team Drives



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