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    G Suite is one of the best product of Google that allows the Organization to work in a much better way.

    There are hundreds of USA users tending towards G Suite service because of its reliability. If you know how free versions of Gmail, Drive, and other product works, then you will love G Suite service.

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    How to get a G Suite Business Promo Code?

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    If you are not sure about the accounting process and payment methods, then you can try 14 days free trial.

    Get 14 days free trial on G Suite account

    Find the difference between G Suite Basic & Business Plan:

    G Suite Basic Business comparison

    Here is a clear idea of what resides under the Flexible and Annual Plan:

    G Suite Pricing Billing Flexible and Annual Plans


    Some user wants to move on from their current billing plan, i.e., from Flexible to Annual and vice versa. It can only be possible if you belong to G Suite Enterprise which costs $34 for the USA. Sadly, Google currently doesn’t provide G Suite Business Promo Code (code promotionnel) for Enterprise user but another G Suite edition.


    So point to be noted, Basic and Business G Suite users usually will not able to switch to Annual Plan.


    1. Please Sign in to your Google Admin console with an admin account. Not with your current Gmail account.
    2. Go to Billing
    3. Please locate the left of relevant subscription and click the down arrow
    4. After that click Change that you can see next to a Payment Plan.
    5. Enter the correct number of user licenses you want for your organization and proceed to continue
    6. Please review all the details you have filled and click continue
    7. Go through Payment information and click continue
    8. Last and final step click Continue and review

    But what if I have an Annual plan and wants to change it to Flexible?


    If you are currently on 14 days trial period, then there might be a chance you can switch from the Annual Plan to the Flexible Plan.

    But there is one strict condition you must not forget. You can’t switch to Flexible once your trial period gets expired. Also if you cancel your Annual Plan after 14 days free expires, you may need to pay some closeout charge.


    Now you clearly understand the terms and conditions for switching billing plans. So before the end of 14 days trial period, please see below steps if you do want to change your billing plan

    1. Please sign in to your Google Admin console.
    2. Sign in using an administrator account, not with your current Gmail account.
    3. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing.
    4. To the left of the subscription, click the Down arrow.
    5. Next to Renewal options, click Change.
    6. Select Switch to Flexible Plan.
    7. Click Save.

    When you about it renew your plan, then you will migrate it to Flexible plan.

    Now you got G Suite Business promo code (Aktionscode) of your choice but still confused what is really useful. G Suite or Microsoft’s Outlook.

    Here you can see how G Suite is different than the Outlook:

    1. Document sharing:

    In G Suite, for chatting purposes among the employees, Hangouts comes in a handy while for Outlook, Skype for Business mostly preferred.

    Additionally, for sharing purposes, people can use Google Groups, Google Drive, Google + for G Suite and while for Outlook, SharePoint, One Drive for Business can be used.

    2. Editing:

    In G Suite (Google Apps for Work), Google has its own google sites for editing purpose but for Outlook, Microsoft has SharePoint in there people can store and edit files online

    3. Task:

    For Google, people usually use Google Keep. On the other hand in Outlook, people prefer Planner where they can keep their do-to-list tasks.

    4. Real-time messaging, screen sharing, Video calls, & Voice calls:

    In this battle, Google G Suite has an upper hand over Microsoft’s outlook because Hangouts provides better video and voice quality. But Skype for Business sometimes won’t work even if there is any small network issue.

    Types of G Suite Accounts:

    There are three types of G Suite accounts. First one is Basic which is applicable for newly opened business. Second is Business which is applicable for the small sized company to mid-sized organization. Third and last one is for the large companies and that is Enterprise

    1. G Suite Basic:

    Whether it’s a G Suite Basic, Business or Enterprise; its fundamental features will be the same. These below common features you will mainly find out in the basic account.

    Price for G Suite Basic Plan is $5 per user per month for a flexible plan or $50 per user for an annual plan. Hence, it’s better to use G Suite Business Promo Code (販売促進コード) to avail 20% and save $10.

    1. Storage of 30 GB
    2. Ability to share documents with the employee.
    3. Can work without internet
    4. 24/7 customer support
    5. Use the custom email address
    6. People can attend video meetings anywhere using any device (administrators can invite participants using a
    7. short link or phone number through Hangout meeting)
    8. Documents are most compatible with Microsoft office
    9. Add free Gmail experience
    10. 2-Step verification while logging
    11. Audit management and admin can monitor reports and audit log files

    2. G Suite Business:

    Every factor which included in the Basic plan already part of Business one. Besides, it’s a way enhanced version of previous Google services. After all, it’s for an organization with more number of users.

    Price for G Suite Business Plan is $10 per user per month. That’s why we provide G Suite Business Promo Code (el código de promoción) to get 20% for the next twelve months.

    Below features you will find out in G Suite Business Plan:

    1. In the Basic plan, users only get to use 30GB, but in this plan, users can avail unlimited storage for Gmail messages, photos, files in Drive
    2. If you are using Business plan and only 4 or fewer users in your organization, then each user will get 1 TB of storage.
    3. For the company, the user can use Google Cloud Search to find out any mail, files.
    4. New feature Team Drive helps users to share data in the group. Hence even if some of them left the group, others could share information to get their work done.

    3. G Suite Enterprise:

    The third and last variant of G Suite is its Enterprise plan. It’s a premiere suite of Google service. Those Features which included in Basic and Business ultimately you will find it in Enterprise too.

    Advantages of G Suite Enterprise Plan:

    • Advanced security for Google Drive: Enhanced version of security to prevent leakage of sensitive information from Google Drive.
    • To enhanced mails security, G Suite Enterprise uses S/MIME encryption.

    January Updates:

    5 amazing updates worth looking at:

    1. Confidential Mode:

    In this feature, the user can send protected data to Gmail users. But what is new in that?

    The exciting thing is the user can set self-destruct mode after a certain period. Also, sent emails cannot forward nor printed.

    2. Priority Notify:

    It is a well-known feature many users may be aware of. Gmail prioritize the content of the email and shows their notifications firsts in the inbox.

    3. Nudging:

    If you are consistently trying to avoid replying emails, then Gmail itself nudge you as a reminder after automatically monitoring your emails.

    4. Snooze:

    Improved Gmail lets help you send smart reply according to received emails. But now with Snooze feature, users can delay email’s response time, and after snooze time set by you ends, it will appear again. You can find this option when you hover over an email.

    5. G-suite Integration:

    A bonus feature of the integration of G Suite allows multiple functions at the same time. Side Panel Controls makes a dramatic entrance in the Gmail. This tool includes Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Tasks, etc. You access these apps at the same time while you are accessing emails.

    February Updates:


    Following March 2019, Google going to make numerous changes to their Team Drive.

    The company will add the Content Manager role to execute various files in Team Drive. Over time, it would become a default part for all g suite users.

    G Suite Admin can move users who currently have “Edit access and give Content manager” role by filling out Team Drive Migration application.

    March Updates:

    Warnings for government-backed attacks:

    Do you remember back in August, G Suite invents new feature one alerting tool that gave government-backed attacks. Multiple G Suite admins haven’t enabled this option until now.

    Hence starting from January 10th, 2019, Google enables this feature from their end.

    Country wise Discount Using G Suite Business Promo Code

    Country Discount (%) Price before Discount Price after Discount
    United States 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    United Kingdom 20 £33 per user/yr £26.4 per user/yr
    Australia 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Belgium 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Brazil 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Canada 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Chile 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Colombia 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    France 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Germany 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Hong Kong 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    India 20 INR 1500 per yr INR 1200 per yr
    Ireland 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Italy 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Japan 20 ¥6000 per user/yr ¥4800 per user/yr
    Mexico 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Netherlands 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    New Zealand 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Portugal 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr
    Singapore 20 $50 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
    Spain 20 €40 per user/yr €32 per user/yr


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